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Sarah Crane Newman Jun 24 User Guides / Tips & Info

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Will this affect how my Sifteo Cubes work? How about the desktop software (Sifteo Sync and Siftrunner)?

Your Sifteo Cubes will continue working just as they have--they’re there for you to enjoy!

Starting today, all Sifteo games are free! Go grab anything you don’t already have. Sifteo games will continue to be available for download for one year from today; after that, you will be able to access any game that you have already downloaded, but you will not be able to get new games.  

We’re figuring out the best way to ensure that Sifteo Sync and Siftrunner continue to work for as long as possible. For the next year, they will generally remain unchanged and fully functional.


Are you releasing more games?

We have one more game for Sifteo Cubes in the pipeline. It’s called Little Furious and should come out later this summer. Should you keep your eye out for games for flying robots? We can neither confirm nor deny.


If I have trouble with my cubes, can I still get help?

We’re still here for you! For the next year, our user guides will remain up at, and you can reach us at We will continue to honor our warranty through the end of June 2015.




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